Tournament Director's Report:  

April 26-27, 2014 Tournament Report

Two days of perfect weather, good friends and finicky fish. High Rock continues to be a favorite destination for the club"s 2-day spring tournament. Unfortunately, our record for being at the right place at the wrong time continues. Reports from the locals stated the weekend before was awesome. For our group, you were either at the right spot and loaded the boat - or you had a very long day looking for a bite.

Doug DeWitt and guest found them on the 1st day and had a respectable 2nd day. They had a total of 9 fish for 24.60 lbs and big fish on both days. Doug tells us he is a builder; however, the two poses above seem to resemble the men in black. Could they be movie starts in disguise?

Buck and guest had a great 1st day with a solid limit of 5 fish. The picture above taken on day 1 were the stogies clearly show their confidence. However, day 2 was tough weighing in only a single fish. They still were able to hang on to 2nd place with a total of 6 fish and 15.52 lbs.

Ed and Mike had a tough 1st day. Mike continued his record of catching at least 1 fish per day; unfortunately, the team hit a bit of bad luck - loosing a limit with 2 break-offs and 2 lost at the boat. Ugg. Fortunately, day 2 was much much better. After a slow start, they found a few coves that gave up hungry fish. Ed and Mike ended 3rd with 6 fish weighing 14.14 lbs.

Trying to live down his previous title of "Dead Fish Doug" for having the most dead fish for a 10 year period, Doug takes extraordinary measures to save a bass that ended under the boat from an un-named butter-fingered angler.

The Quality Inn in Lexington continues to treat our club well. The facilities are comfortable and they allow us extra parking to prepare for a fun-filled weekend of fishing.

Doug prepares his secret bait for day 2.

Ken shares some of his special venison sausage - oh yum! Thanks you Ken!

Showing that he is more than just a master fisherman, Doug has taken over the reigns as master chef from a prior club member, Ray, and has mastered the potatoes. Not shown, but equally loved, is the yummy chocolate cake prepared by Buck"s wife, Wilda. A perfect way to cap off a great meal.

An amazing young fisherman - Ken and his youngest daughter joined us for the weekend. What a lovely young woman!