Tournament Director's Report:  

February 2005 Tournament Report


February 27, 2005.   Wow!  What a day!

Fishing - Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days, and once in very long while you have an AWESOME, FANTASTIC day! Century Bassmasters had a day like that on February 27 at Jordan Lake.

The most big fish in a tournament in the club’s 23 year history.

The weather conditions were ideal for large females to come shallow and begin to warm their eggs. In practice the day before, Doug DeWitt and Ed Marti each had a fish over 10 pounds, and Anthony Brown had a 9-5. Steve Ryan weighed a 10-14 a couple weeks earlier.

Highlights from the top three places!

Oink, Oink - and this time we aren't talking about the fishermen!


1st Place - Ed Marti and Mike Luken - 27 lbs, 12 oz


2nd Place - Jamie Olive and Guest - 26 lbs, 12 oz


3rd Place - Ed Daniels and Ray Wilson - 22 lbs, 7 oz


During the tournament, Ed Marti caught one over ten, and the team of Ed and Mike Luken had 5 fish weighing 27 pounds, 12 ounces. Jamie Olive and his guest were second, with a limit of 5 weighing 26-12, and Ed Daniels and Ray Wilson had four fish that weighed 22-7. Everyone in the tournament caught fish, and they AVERAGED over 5 pounds apiece. There was one fish over 10, two more over 8, four more over 7. Nick Figueroa caught the biggest fish of his career – 7 pounds 8 ounces.

Fish were caught on little crankbaits (Mike Luken was kept busy trying to net big fish on tiny hooks and 8 pound test line), jigs, spinnerbaits, and rat-l-traps. The fish really turned on for most people when the front started to come in about 11:00.

The only negative note was when Ed Daniels put the hammer down in what looked like a clear channel in Beaver Creek and hit a submerged log. He and Ray hobbled in with a bent propshaft. Ed might get to keep the duct tape drawers award at next year’s banquet!

Nice fish - too bad you caught it during practice !